Spartans That Got Off The Island

7 out of 18 Players Moved Past Our Program in Year 1 39%
AJ Mays-Blinn D1 Juco
Bobby Ramirez-Murray State College D2 Juco/Mountainview College D3 Juco
David Amaya-Luna Community College D1 Juco
Colby Wooten-North Community & Technical College D3 Juco
Joshua “J-Rod” Rodriquez-Dyersburg State Community College D1 Juco/Ranger College D1 Juco/Mississippi College D2 NCAA
Justin Harris-Goshen College NAIA
EJ Alanis-Minot-State University D2 NCAA/Ranger College D1 Juco
12 out of 20 Players Moved Past Our Program in Year 2 56%
Josh Burke-Jackson College D2 Juco
Joel Stirnemann- Jackson College D2 Juco/Lawrence Tech University NAIA
Jaylon Burrell-Wylie University NAIA/Alcorn State D1 NCAA
Jarvis Dickey-Wylie University NAIA
Zachary Harrison-Wylie University NAIA
Copper Torres-Mountainview College D3 Juco/University of Houston-Victoria NAIA
Taha Ghuneim-Mountainview College D3 Juco
Michael Wright- Mountainview College D3 Juco
Ernesto Reyna-Mountainview College D3 Juco
Jacob Leskovsky-Brookehaven College D3 Juco
Jacob Hennessey-San Diego City College D1 Juco
Jonathan Crist-Southern Nazarene D2 NCAA
9 out of 22 Players Moved Past Our Program in Year 3 41%
Kenny Vo-Minnesota West Community & Technical College D3 Juco/Arlington Baptist D3 Juco
Rob Malone-Billings Mustangs Indy Pro Ball
Cameron Collett-Birmingham Beavers Indy Pro Ball
Jacobi Allen-Portland Mavericks Indy Pro Ball
Cade Fontenot-Texas Southern D1 NCAA
Kobe Stokes-Alabama A&M D1 NCAA
Kobe  Schott-Mountainview College D3 Juco
Sam Melton-Rockingham Community College D3 Juco
Satchel “Mo Money” Greene-College of Marin D1 Juco
8 out of 15 Players Move Past Our Program in Year 4 53%
Omar Vargas-University of Pacific D1 NCAA
Kyle Hughes-Cisco College D1 Juco
Daniel Mendez-Coastal Bend College D1 Juco
Owen Etheredge-Coastal Bend College D1 Juco
Kyler Hodges-South Suburban College D1 Juco
Fausto Aguina-Mountain View College D3 Juco
Brandon Phillips-Mountain View College D3 Juco
Tyler Harvey-Mountain View College D3 Juco